Research data supporting "Human mesenchymal stem cells and derived extracellular vesicles reduce sensory neuron hyperexcitability and pain behaviors in murine osteoarthritis"

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Hotham, William 
Pattison, Luke 
Ma, Qingxi 
Henson, Frances 

Each file is a Prism file containing all the raw and analysed data that underpins each figure of the paper and the files are accordingly named. msFig1_behavioral, Figure 1- Behavioural data msFig2_histology, Figure 2 - Histology data OARSI histological scoring for DMM mice, explanation how histology was scored in Figure 2 msFig3_ephys, Figure 3, DRG neurone electrophysiology data from osteoarthritis model mice msFig4_coculture_ephys, Figure 4, DRG neurone electrophysiology data from co-culture experiments supplmentary figures, Raw data for all supplementary figure files

A full explanation of methods, analysis and interpretation is provided in the paper.

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Inflammation, Pain
Arthritis Research UK (11600/21973)
BBSRC (1943916)
This work was supported by funding from Versus Arthritis (RG21973) to E.S.J.S and Horizon 2020 (RG90905) and Innovate UK (RG87266) to F.M.D.H. L.A.P was supported by the University of Cambridge BBSRC Doctoral Training Program (BB/M011194/1)