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Research on supporting mechanism of ancillary service of PV system to grid energy efficiency based on multi-time and space-time operation.

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Xiaoqian, Zhou 
Wen, Liu 
Desen, Ji 


Under the background of high-energy penetration of new energy into the power grid, this paper takes the ancillary service capability of photovoltaic energy integrated into the grid as the starting point and builds a photovoltaic system reactive power service impact evaluation model on the grid energy efficiency. This is based on the multi-temporal and spatial scale operation mode, in order to study the supporting principles of photovoltaic system reactive power services on the energy efficiency of grid operation and the law of influence on system energy efficiency changes. In this way, the space for power system energy efficiency improvement and the reactive power service market value of renewable energy are explored to improve the renewable energy auxiliary services participation in the theoretical system of electric power spot market transactions. The research conclusions can provide a decision-making reference for system dynamic energy efficiency management and can assist relevant market entities to make optimal decisions in spot market transactions, and provide empirical data for improving the theory of renewable energy participation in auxiliary service market transactions.



Research Article, Engineering and technology, Biology and life sciences, Computer and information sciences, Physical sciences, Research and analysis methods

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PLoS One

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Public Library of Science
Hubei Polytechnic University (Humanities No. 5)