The planning, intelligence, execution and aftermath of the Dieppe raid, 19 August 1942

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Henry, Hugh G. 

On 19 August 1942 a mixed Anglo-Canadian amphibious force raided the German occupied port of Dieppe in Normandy, France, resulting in probably the worst disaster in Canadian military history. The operation, code-named Jubilee, lasted just nine hours and resulted in more casualties, proportionate to the forces involved, than in any other Western Allied operation of the war. As with any military failure, immediate myths and misconceptions arose that have simmered to boiling point many times during the last fifty years,Please be aware that the text in the supplied thesis pdf file may not be as clear as text in a thesis that was born digital or digitised directly from paper, due to the conversion in format. However, all of the theses in Apollo that were digitised from microfilm are readable and have been processed by optical character recognition (OCR) technology which means the reader can search and find text within the document.

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