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Intra-annual density fluctuations (IADFs) in Pinus nigra (J. F. Arnold) at high-elevation in the central Apennines (Italy)

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Campelo, Filipe 
Büntgen, Ulf 
Crivellaro, Alan 
Garbarino, Matteo 


Abstract: Although wood anatomical features can provide yearly resolved climatic information at sub-seasonal resolution, the occurrence of intra-annual density fluctuations (IADFs) might be triggered by several abiotic factors under different ecological settings. Here, we use information on cambial age and tree-ring width to standardize the frequency of IADFs in European black pines from three different mountain slopes in the central Apennines (Italy). At each site, we sampled isolated 15–30-year pioneer pines above the forest limit, as well as close-grown 40–60-year planted pines at the forest limit. Mainly restricted to the latewood of both pioneer and planted trees, the occurrence of IADFs reveals a significant positive relationship with cambial age and ring width. Although the standardized IADFs are well synchronized between the planted and pioneer pines, the frequency of IADFs in narrow rings was higher in the pioneer pines. Drought conditions in July and August are responsible for the highest IADFs frequency in planted and pioneer pines, respectively. Our study underlines the value of IADFs to obtain a more nuanced understanding of the climatic drivers of wood formation at the intra-annual scale.



Original Article, Tree Rings, European black pine, Anthropogenic forest limit, Pioneer vs planted, Standardization, Weibull and Chapman functions

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Springer Berlin Heidelberg