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Otological Planning Software-OTOPLAN: A Narrative Literature Review.

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Gatto, Annalisa 
Tofanelli, Margherita  ORCID logo
Costariol, Ludovica  ORCID logo
Rizzo, Serena 
Borsetto, Daniele 


The cochlear implant (CI) is a widely accepted option in patients with severe to profound hearing loss receiving limited benefit from traditional hearing aids. CI surgery uses a default setting for frequency allocation aiming to reproduce tonotopicity, thus mimicking the normal cochlea. One emerging instrument that may substantially help the surgeon before, during, and after the surgery is a surgical planning software product developed in collaboration by CASCINATION AG (Bern, Switzerland) and MED-EL (Innsbruck Austria). The aim of this narrative review is to present an overview of the main features of this otological planning software, called OTOPLAN®. The literature was searched on the PubMed and Web of Science databases. The search terms used were "OTOPLAN", "cochlear planning software" "three-dimensional imaging", "3D segmentation", and "cochlear implant" combined into different queries. This strategy yielded 52 publications, and a total of 31 studies were included. The review of the literature revealed that OTOPLAN is a useful tool for otologists and audiologists as it improves preoperative surgical planning both in adults and in children, guides the intraoperative procedure and allows postoperative evaluation of the CI.


Peer reviewed: True

Acknowledgements: The authors thank Itala Mary Ann Brancaleone, MA, RSA, Dip TEFLA, teacher of Medical English at the University of Trieste, for her support in editing the manuscript.

Publication status: Published


OTOPLAN, cochlear implant, otological planning software, otosurgery

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Audiol Res

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Univeristy of Trieste (4954/2022)