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Research data supporting "Fabrication, detection and operation of a three-dimensional nanomagnetic conduit"

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Sanz Hernandez, D 
Hamans, R 
Liao, JW 
Welbourne, A 
Lavrijsen, R 


Metadata for article: "Fabrication, detection and operation of a three-dimensional nanomagnetic conduit" by Dédalo Sanz-Hernández et al. The data include the following:

  • Original SEM micrographs included in main manuscript: Fig. 1d, Fig. 1e, Fig. 1f, Fig. 2b, Fig. 2c. All can be open with standard image analysis programmes.
  • Text files for graphs included in main manuscript: FIg. 2d and e, Fig. 3b, Fig. 3d, FIg 3f, Fig. 4a and b, Fig. 4a and c, Fig. 4d and e. All include units in the headings, and can be opened with any text editor.
  • Supplementary_video: Avi format, open with standard media player.
  • Folders Fig 3 MOKE Connected (RH10_Str5_Full_Shifty_scan) and Fig 3 MOKE Control (RH10_Str6_Full_Shifty_scan) include original MOKE measured files. They are text files which can be opened with any text editor.
  • Folder Fig. 3 Micromagnetic simulations: Simulations performed using Mumax. Files include vector files results of the simulation, as well as the .mx3 orifginal files employed. To run these, install Mumax3:


Software / Usage instructions

All data can be accessed using standard either text editors, or video players. Standard compressing programme also required. Micromagnetic simulations were performed using Mumax3, which is free access and can be accessed at Vector format files can be visualised using different programmes e.g.Paraview:


nanomagnetism, spintronics, 3D, nanofabrication, nanoelectronics


Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EP/M008517/1)