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DNA Carrier-Assisted Molecular Ping-Pong in an Asymmetric Nanopore.

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Alawami, Mohammed 
Zhu, Jinbo 
Platnich, Casey M 


Nanopore analysis relies on ensemble averaging of translocation signals obtained from numerous molecules, requiring a relatively high sample concentration and a long turnaround time from the sample to results. The recapture and subsequent re-reading of the same molecule is a promising alternative that enriches the signal information from a single molecule. Here, we describe how an asymmetric nanopore improves molecular ping-pong by promoting the recapture of the molecule in the trans reservoir. We also demonstrate that the molecular recapture could be improved by linking the target molecule to a long DNA carrier to reduce the diffusion, thereby achieving over 100 recapture events. Using this ping-pong methodology, we demonstrate its use in accurately resolving nanostructure motifs along a DNA scaffold through repeated detection. Our method offers novel insights into the control of DNA polymer dynamics within nanopore confinement and opens avenues for the development of a high-fidelity DNA detection platform.


Publication status: Published


DNA carrier, asymmetric nanopore, flip dynamics, molecular ping-pong, Nanopores, DNA, Nanotechnology, Diffusion, Polymers

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American Chemical Society (ACS)
H2020 European Research Council (899538)
China Scholarship Council (202106090221)