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JCMT BISTRO Observations: Magnetic Field Morphology of Bubbles Associated with NGC 6334

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jats:titleAbstract</jats:title> jats:pWe study the Hjats:scii</jats:sc> regions associated with the NGC 6334 molecular cloud observed in the submillimeter and taken as part of the jats:italicB</jats:italic>-fields In STar-forming Region Observations Survey. In particular, we investigate the polarization patterns and magnetic field morphologies associated with these Hjats:scii</jats:sc> regions. Through polarization pattern and pressure calculation analyses, several of these bubbles indicate that the gas and magnetic field lines have been pushed away from the bubble, toward an almost tangential (to the bubble) magnetic field morphology. In the densest part of NGC 6334, where the magnetic field morphology is similar to an hourglass, the polarization observations do not exhibit observable impact from Hjats:scii</jats:sc> regions. We detect two nested radial polarization patterns in a bubble to the south of NGC 6334 that correspond to the previously observed bipolar structure in this bubble. Finally, using the results of this study, we present steps (incorporating computer vision; circular Hough transform) that can be used in future studies to identify bubbles that have physically impacted magnetic field lines.</jats:p>



5101 Astronomical Sciences, 51 Physical Sciences

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