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Impact of circulating microRNA test (miRNA-371a-3p) on appropriateness of treatment and cost outcomes in patients with Stage I non-seminomatous germ cell tumours.

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Savelyeva, Anna 
Lafin, John T 
Chesnut, Gregory T 


OBJECTIVES: To determine whether utilisation of a serum microRNA (miRNA) test could improve treatment appropriateness and cost-effectiveness for patients with Stage I non-seminomatous germ cell tumours (NSGCTs). PATIENTS AND METHODS: A decision tree model was built to investigate treatment course, clinical and cost outcomes for patients with Stage IA (T1N0M0S0) and IB (T2-4N0M0S0) NSGCT. The model compared outcomes and cost of standard approach using histopathology, conventional serum tumour markers and radiographic staging (standard model) to a miRNA-based approach using the standard model + post-orchidectomy serum miR-371a-3p (marker model). Probabilities of expected treatment and outcomes were based on presence/absence of cancer upon entering into the model. Overtreatment was defined as adjuvant chemotherapy or primary retroperitoneal lymph node dissection in a patient without cancer. Undertreatment was defined as initial surveillance for a patient with cancer. RESULTS: Utilising the miRNA marker-based approach, 26% of patients avoid overtreatment and 8% avoid undertreatment in Stage IA NSGCT; 27% avoid overtreatment and 23% avoid undertreatment in Stage IB disease. Appropriate treatment decision-making increased from 65% to 94% and 50% to 92% for Stage IA and IB, respectively. The miRNA-based approach remained cost-effective over a wide range of performance characteristics with savings of ~$1400 (American dollars)/patient for both Stage IA and IB disease. CONCLUSION: A miRNA-based approach may potentially select patients with Stage I NSGCT for correct treatment in a cost-effective manner. Identification of residual teratoma-only remains an issue. Prospective studies are necessary to validate these findings.



#uroonc, biomarker, cost, germ cell tumour, microRNA, testicular cancer, testis cancer, Circulating MicroRNA, Costs and Cost Analysis, Decision Trees, Humans, Male, MicroRNAs, Neoplasm Staging, Neoplasms, Germ Cell and Embryonal, Testicular Neoplasms, Treatment Outcome

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