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Vibrational entropy of disordering in omphacite.

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Benisek, Artur 
Dachs, Edgar 
Carpenter, Michael A 
Joachim-Mrosko, Bastian 
Vielreicher, Noreen M 


UNLABELLED: The cations of an ordered omphacite from the Tauern window were gradually disordered in piston cylinder experiments at temperatures between 850 and 1150 °C. The samples were examined by X-ray powder diffraction and then investigated using low-temperature calorimetry and IR spectroscopy. The low-temperature heat capacity data were used to obtain the vibrational entropies, and the line broadening of the IR spectra served as a tool to investigate the disordering enthalpy. These data were then used to calculate the configurational entropy as a function of temperature. The vibrational entropy does not change during the cation ordering phase transition from space group C2/c to P2/n at 865 °C but increases with a further temperature increase due to the reduction of short-range order. SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The online version contains supplementary material available at 10.1007/s00269-023-01260-7.


Acknowledgements: This work was supported by grants from the Austrian Science Fund (FWF), project number P33904, which is gratefully acknowledged. We thank G. Tippelt for performing the X-ray experiments and E. Forsthofer for maintaining the Materials Studio software at the Salzburg University. We also thank two anonymous reviewers for their detailed and constructive comments.

Funder: Paris Lodron University of Salzburg


Autocorrelation, Calorimetry, Density functional theory, Disorder, Enthalpy, Entropy, IR spectroscopy, Line broadening, Omphacite, Order, Pyroxene

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Phys Chem Miner

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Austrian Science Fund (P33904, P33904)