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Immunosenescence and Cytomegalovirus: where do we stand after a decade?

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Pawelec, Graham 
Akbar, Arne 
Beverley, Peter 
Caruso, Calogero 
Derhovanessian, Evelyna 


AbstractSince Looney at al. published their seminal paper a decade ago it has become clear that many of the differences in T cell immunological parameters observed between young and old people are related to the age-associated increasing prevalence of infection with the persistent beta-herpesvirus HHV-5 (Cytomegalovirus). Ten years later, studies suggest that hallmark age-associated changes in peripheral blood T cell subset distribution may not occur at all in people who are not infected with this virus. Whether the observed changes are actually caused by CMV is an open question, but very similar, rapid changes observed in uninfected patients receiving CMV-infected kidney grafts are consistent with a causative role. This meeting intensively discussed these and other questions related to the impact of CMV on human immune status and its relevance for immune function in later life.



32 Biomedical and Clinical Sciences, 3202 Clinical Sciences, 3204 Immunology

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Immun Ageing

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