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Linking Organisation Objectives with Asset Information Requirements for Highway Infrastructure Projects

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Hadjidemetriou, georgios 
Heaton, James 
Sasidharan, Manu 
Parlikad, ajith 


The success of an organisation or a project in civil engineering relates with realis-ing and utilising the full potential of their assets. This can only be accomplished once it has been established what information is needed to optimise performance and manage risk during asset life cycle. The Building Information Modelling ap-proach comprehends a set of methods and tools for effective asset information management. However, Asset Information Requirements are often shaped without direct connection to, or sight of, the Organisational Objectives they aim to achieve. The “Line-of-Sight” methodology has been created to bridge this gap by creating Function Information Requirements. Presented herein is a thorough ex-ploration of the benefits and limitations of applying Line-of-Sight to highway in-frastructure projects. This highlights the need for infrastructure asset owners and managers to employ this methodology to optimise information management and decision-making. The proposed methodology has the potential to redefine asset management and realign it with organisational imperatives.



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16th World Congress on Engineering Asset Management - WCEAM 2022

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