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Sung, ZR 
Furner, I 
Yadgari, R 
Pikaard, C 
Wagner, D 


Welcome to the third issue of our journal . We are delighted to feature in this issue two peer-reviewed papers looking in detail at some of the outcomes of the ring-fenced money used for researcher development in the UK under the guise of Roberts funding. In her paper looking at impact of the training provided by this funding on late stage doctoral student researchers, Walsh and colleagues draw our attention to detailed analysis of impact via a variety of evaluation approaches. She also alerts us to the question of whether such development programmes should run alongside the traditional apprenticeship style training of such students. The second paper by Heading and colleagues provides a detailed example of a development programme event in information management and provides further evidence for impact of such training.

Bai and Hudson move the focus to the research –teaching nexus and highlight the difficulty for TEFL staff in Chinese HEIs to develop a research strand in their careers. The importance in developing research capacity, providing support and mentoring to such staff is shown to be pivotal in their development.

Finally conceptions of research from a variety of viewpoints are analyzed by Pitcher. Pitcher considers how the PhD itself, alongwith how the knowledge and outcomes of PhD research are perceived. In a preliminary survey of students on these matters, Pitcher highlights the importance of alignment with these concepts between student and supervisor thus avoiding difficulties between apprentice and supervisor as the research progresses which might inhibit development.



38 Economics, 3801 Applied Economics

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