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Research data supporting "Barley Hv CIRCADIAN CLOCK ASSOCIATED 1 and Hv PHOTOPERIOD H1 Are Circadian Regulators That Can Affect Circadian Rhythms in Arabidopsis"

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Kusakina, Jelena 
Rutterford, Zoe 
Cotter, Sean 
Martí, María C 
Laurie, David 


These are the raw data files associated with Kusakina, J., Rutterford, Z., Cotter, S., Laurie, D. Greenland, A., Hall, A. and Webb, A.A.R. (2015) Barley Hv CIRCADIAN CLOCK ASSOCIATED 1 and Hv PHOTOPERIOD H1 are circadian regulators that can affect circadian rhythms in Arabidopsis. accepted for publication in PlosONE. 2015

The files describe circdian measurements of leaf movement (LM) delayed chlorphyll fluoresence DM, stomatal and photsynthesis, rhythms in Arabidopsis (Gas exchange) and Barley (Li-Cor) and hypoctyl extention and also flowering time (flowering) assays. The lines investigated are described in the relevent files and refer to Arabidopsis ecotypes (WS and Col-0), overexpressing barley CCA1 (n-n or Hv-CCA1-ox), over expressing Arabidopsis CCA1 (CCA1-ox), Arabidopsis wild tpyes or prr7-11 nulls expressing barley HvPPD-H1 or PPDh1 varients, and Igri and Triumph varities of barley.

Measurements of ppdh1 variants in Arabidopsis under the control of the PRR7 promoter were performed by qPCR (qPCRResults)


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This work was supported by funding from the National Institute of Agricultural Botany, Marie Curie Early Stage Training project MEST-CT-2005- 020526 and the Biology and the Biological Sciences Research Council Doctoral Training Programme