Isospin-1/2 Dπ scattering and the lightest D 0 ∗ resonance from lattice QCD

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Gayer, Luke 
Lang, Nicolas 
Tims, David 
Thomas, Christopher E.  ORCID logo

Abstract: Isospin-1/2 Dπ scattering amplitudes are computed using lattice QCD, working in a single volume of approximately (3.6 fm)3 and with a light quark mass corresponding to mπ ≈ 239 MeV. The spectrum of the elastic Dπ energy region is computed yielding 20 energy levels. Using the Lüscher finite-volume quantisation condition, these energies are translated into constraints on the infinite-volume scattering amplitudes and hence enable us to map out the energy dependence of elastic Dπ scattering. By analytically continuing a range of scattering amplitudes, a D0∗ resonance pole is consistently found strongly coupled to the S-wave Dπ channel, with a mass m ≈ 2200 MeV and a width Γ ≈ 400 MeV. Combined with earlier work investigating the Ds0∗, and D0∗ with heavier light quarks, similar couplings between each of these scalar states and their relevant meson-meson scattering channels are determined. The mass of the D0∗ is consistently found well below that of the Ds0∗, in contrast to the currently reported experimental result.

Regular Article - Theoretical Physics, Lattice QCD, Lattice Quantum Field Theory
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Journal of High Energy Physics
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Springer Berlin Heidelberg