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Research data supporting "Control of crosslinking for tailoring collagen-based scaffolds stability and mechanics"

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Davidenko, N. 
Schuster, C. F. 
Bax, D. V. 
Raynal, N. 
Farndale, R. W. 


The zipped folder called “Raw Data for Article” contains 8 files as described below: File cold “Rheology” contains raw data of viscosity study (Fig 1). File “Density” contains raw data of dimensional properties showed in Table 1. File “Amine” contains results of amine group content testing and calculation of the degree of cross-linking (Fig 4 and Table 2). Files “Sigma” and “Devro” contain raw data of degradation studies on collagen (sigma)- and collagen (devro)-based scaffolds, respectively (Fig 5, 6 and 7). Files “Mechanics” and “Art EDC OA mechanics repeated test” contain results of the mechanical testing: the first file shows the raw data for compressive modulus of the scaffolds of different compositions (Fig 8a) and the second shows the data for stress–strain curves (Fig 8b). File “Cells” contains results of static adhesion of platelets and HT1080 cells on collagen(sigma), collagen-gelatin and gelatin films (Fig 9).


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tissue engineering, scaffolds, collagen, gelatin, crosslinking


University of Cambridge
This work was supported by the ERC [grant number 320598 3D-E]; the EPSRC [IKC Proof of Concept Award 028]; the BHF [grant numbers NH/11/1/28922, RG/09/003/27122]; and The Peoples Programme of the EU 7th Framework Programme [RAE no: PIIF-GA-2013-624904].
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