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Serum protein layers on parylene-C and silicon oxide: effect on cell adhesion.



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Delivopoulos, Evangelos 
Ouberai, Myriam M 
Coffey, Paul D 
Swann, Marcus J 
Shakesheff, Kevin M 


Among the range of materials used in bioengineering, parylene-C has been used in combination with silicon oxide and in presence of the serum proteins, in cell patterning. However, the structural properties of adsorbed serum proteins on these substrates still remain elusive. In this study, we use an optical biosensing technique to decipher the properties of fibronectin (Fn) and serum albumin adsorbed on parylene-C and silicon oxide substrates. Our results show the formation of layers with distinct structural and adhesive properties. Thin, dense layers are formed on parylene-C, whereas thicker, more diffuse layers are formed on silicon oxide. These results suggest that Fn acquires a compact structure on parylene-C and a more extended structure on silicon oxide. Nonetheless, parylene-C and silicon oxide substrates coated with Fn host cell populations that exhibit focal adhesion complexes and good cell attachment. Albumin adopts a deformed structure on parylene-C and a globular structure on silicon oxide, and does not support significant cell attachment on either surface. Interestingly, the co-incubation of Fn and albumin at the ratio found in serum, results in the preferential adsorption of albumin on parylene-C and Fn on silicon oxide. This finding is supported by the exclusive formation of focal adhesion complexes in differentiated mouse embryonic stem cells (CGR8), cultured on Fn/albumin coated silicon oxide, but not on parylene-C. The detailed information provided in this study on the distinct properties of layers of serum proteins on substrates such as parylene-C and silicon oxide is highly significant in developing methods for cell patterning.



Biosensing technique, Cell adhesion, Fibronectin, Parylene-C, Serum protein adsorption, Silicon oxide, Animals, Cattle, Cell Adhesion, Cells, Cultured, Fibronectins, Mice, Polymers, Serum Albumin, Bovine, Silicon Dioxide, Xylenes

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Colloids Surf B Biointerfaces

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Elsevier BV
Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BB/H003843/1)
This research was supported by the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013)/ERC grant agreement 227845, the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) Grant (BB/H003843/1) and the Technology Strategy Board (KTP008511) between Farfield, Biolin Scientific AB and Prof. Jian R. Lu at Manchester University (UK).