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  • The total stellar halo mass of the Milky Way 

    Deason, Alis J; Belokurov, Vasily; Sanders, Jason
    We measure the total stellar halo luminosity using red giant branch (RGB) stars selected from Gaia data release 2. Using slices in magnitude, colour and location on the sky, we decompose RGB stars belonging to the disc and ...
  • The pattern speed of the Milky Way bar from transverse velocities 

    Sanders, Jason; Smith, Leigh; Evans, N Wyn
    We use the continuity equation to derive a method for measuring the pattern speed of the Milky Way's bar/bulge from proper motion data. The method has minimal assumptions but requires complete coverage of the non-axisymmetric ...
  • The hidden giant: Discovery of an enormous Galactic dwarf satellite in Gaia DR2 

    Torrealba, G; Belokurov, Vasily; Koposov, Sergey; Li, TS; Walker, MG; Sanders, Jason; Geringer-Sameth, A et al.
    We report the discovery of a Milky Way satellite in the constellation of Antlia. The Antlia 2 dwarf galaxy is located behind the Galactic disc at a latitude of b ~ 11° and spans 1.26°, which corresponds to ~2.9 kpc at its ...
  • The Sausage Globular Clusters 

    Myeong, Gyuchul; Evans, Wyn; Belokurov, Vasily; Sanders, Jason; Koposov, Sergey
    The Gaia Sausage is an elongated structure in velocity space discovered by Belokurov et al. using the kinematics of metal-rich halo stars. They showed that it could be created by a massive dwarf galaxy (∼5 1010 ) on a ...

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