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  • Ubush Darzhinov, About the Zungar 

    Churyumova, Elvira; Churyumov, Anton (2017-03-24)
    The Zungars are the last among the Kalmyk groups to arrive in the Volga region in the 1740s. Some of them settled in Chilgir and others went further to join the Cossaks in Don. There were about 40,000 of them. In 1771 many ...
  • Ubush Darzhinov, About the Buzava 

    Churyumova, Elvira; Churyumov, Anton (2017-03-24)
    The Buzava consists of many sub-clans, including the Erkten, Chonos and so on. The Buzavas are those who went to Don and joined the Cossacks. Despite living among Christian Cossacks, the Buzavas kept Buddhist altars in ...
  • Sanj Khoyt, About the Khoyt 

    Terbish, Baasanjav (2017-03-18)
    In the past the Khoyts comprised a separate aimak. In Kalmykia, the Khoyts can be found among the Derbet, Buzava and Torghut. Khoyts also live in Astrakhan oblast'. The ancestors of Sanj were Buzava. They came to Kalmykia ...
  • Sanj Khoyt, About the Buzava 

    Terbish, Baasanjav (2017-03-18)
    In the past the Kalmyks participated in many wars and conquests waged by Russia. During such military campaigns, the Kalmyks often reached the lands of the Cossacks with whom they developed friendly relationships. Among ...

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