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Anti-D monoclonal antibodies from 23 human and rodent cell lines display diverse IgG Fc-glycosylation profiles that determine their clinical efficacy.

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Kumpel, Belinda M 
Saldova, Radka 
Koeleman, Carolien AM 
Abrahams, Jodie L 
Ederveen, Agnes Hipgrave  ORCID logo


Anti-D immunoglobulin (Anti-D Ig) prophylaxis prevents haemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn. Monoclonal IgG anti-Ds (mAb-Ds) would enable unlimited supplies but have differed in efficacy in FcγRIIIa-mediated ADCC assays and clinical trials. Structural variations of the oligosaccharide chains of mAb-Ds are hypothesised to be responsible. Quantitative data on 12 Fc-glycosylation features of 23 mAb-Ds (12 clones, 5 produced from multiple cell lines) and one blood donor-derived anti-D Ig were obtained by HPLC and mass spectrometry using 3 methods. Glycosylation of mAb-Ds from human B-lymphoblastoid cell lines (B) was similar to anti-D Ig although fucosylation varied, affecting ADCC activity. In vivo, two B mAb-Ds with 77-81% fucosylation cleared red cells and prevented D-immunisation but less effectively than anti-D Ig. High fucosylation (>89%) of mouse-human heterohybridoma (HH) and Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) mAb-Ds blocked ADCC and clearance. Rat YB2/0 mAb-Ds with <50% fucosylation mediated more efficient ADCC and clearance than anti-D Ig. Galactosylation of B mAb-Ds was 57-83% but 15-58% for rodent mAb-Ds. HH mAb-Ds had non-human sugars. These data reveal high galactosylation like anti-D Ig (>60%) together with lower fucosylation (<60%) as safe features of mAb-Ds for mediating rapid red cell clearance at low doses, to enable effective, inexpensive prophylaxis.



Animals, Antibodies, Monoclonal, Cell Line, Cricetulus, Erythroblastosis, Fetal, Fucose, Galactose, Glycosylation, Humans, Hybridomas, Immunoglobulin G, Mice, N-Acetylneuraminic Acid, Rats, Rho(D) Immune Globulin, Treatment Outcome

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