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Research data supporting "Micromagnetic modelling of magnetic domain walls in curved cylindrical nanotubes and nanowires"

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Abert, Claas 
Hierro-Rodriguez, Aurelio 
Suess, Dieter 


The deposited data is in separated .7z format. Please first extract the data in one folder using 7-zip.

Data is the result of micromagnetic simulations using magnum.fe. It is organized in folders containing all the data required to generate figures in the associated paper, and the corresponding software used to generate it.

For Figure 2 (Domain wall curvature dependence in hollow nanotubes): figure_tubes.ipynb.

For Figure 3 (Dynamic collapse of the TW to a VW): figure_dynamics.ipynb

For Figure 4b, c (Domain wall curvature dependence in solid cylinders): figure_cylinders1.ipynb For Figure 4d (Domain wall curvature dependence in solid cylinders): figure_cylinders2.ipynb

Every folder also contains .pvd and .vtu files that can be imported and studied by Paraview. Version used for the paper: Paraview 5.4.1


Software / Usage instructions

The software is using jupyter notebook with Python 3.8.5. All library requirements are listed in requirements.txt file. Jupyter notebook (.ipynb) files are run cell by cell in order.


micromagnetics, curvature, nanowires


EPSRC (1819510)