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Research data supporting “Melting transition in lipid vesicles functionalised by mobile DNA linkers”

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Bachmann, Stephan Jan 
Kotar, Jurij 
Parolini, Lucia 
Saric, Andela 
Cicuta, Pietro 


The dataset contains data on aggregation and melting experiments in samples of DNA-functionalised liposomes as described in the paper "Melting transition in lipid vesicles functionalised by mobile DNA linkers” (Soft Matter  12 (37), 7804-7817). The compressed folders contains sub-folders labelled either as “down0_tempXX_sampleY*” or “up0_tempXX_sampleY*”, each containing full resolution epifluorescence microscopy images in tiff format, acquired as described in the paper. Folders labelled a “down” and “up” are relative to experiments performed on cooling and heating respectively. XX indicates the temperature in degrees Celsius at which the images were acquired. The label Y identifies the number of DNA tethers of each kind (N) present on each vesicle, according to the following scheme: Y=1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 -> N=3550,1775, 710, 355, 177, 71. Each folder contains 8 tiff images, whose names end with a number from 0 to 7. These correspond to the different fluorescent channels measured as described in the paper. Specifically:

0 -> Excitation: Marina Blue, Emission: Marina Blue 1 -> No Excitation (background) 2 -> Excitation:Cy3, Emission: Cy3 3 -> No Excitation (background) 4 -> Excitation: Cy3, Emission: Cy5 5 -> No Excitation (background) 6 -> Excitation:Cy5, Emission: Cy5 7 -> No Excitation (background)

Images acquired with no excitation are used for background subtraction on the previous image in the sequence. The data shown in Figure 2 of the paper are obtained by averaging over three similar datasets. Analysis methods are described in the Methods section of the paper. These data have been used to produce the plots in Fig. 5(b) and Fig 6(b)-(c) of the paper. The data in Fig. 7(b) and Fig. 8(b) are obtained by averaging over 4 datasets.


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lipid vesicles, DNA, ligand/receptors, multivalent interactions


University of Cambridge
EPSRC [EP/J017566/1]